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I created OnSite Time tracker about a year ago. It is a location aware time tracking app designed for contractors to track and bill for their time. Over the course of the last year I have heard some unconventional uses. Here are a few:

Some people use OnSite for personal improvement.
-time at the gym.
-time at places they don’t want to go to, like bars.

Some track time at work even if they are not contractors. One person suggested calling the app “Prison Guard” because she argues with her boss frequently about her hours.
-time on lunch break at work
-time spent away from office running errands. (to be able to goof off as much as possible)

Some people use it as evidence in petty arguments with their close friends and family.
-time spent at home to prove to wife that he does spend a lot of time at home.
-time spent at hospital with mother, to prove that she spent a lot of time there.

What is a strange way you have used OnSite?

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What are the different ways to check in and out of a job?

There are 3 ways to check in and out of a job: automatically by location, manually check in and out now, manually check in and out at set times.

1) Location
When you set up your job if you leave “Enable Location” switch on, it will automatically log you in and out as you arrive and leave the location.

2) Now
On the job screen you can tap the “Check In Now” or “Check Out Now” buttons.

3) Manually
You can also set the time yourself.  Go to job screen, tap “Job History”, tap the time entry (or + in bottom right corner for a new entry),  then tap “Check In” or “Check Out”, then set the date and time.  From there tap done and save buttons in the top right hand corner to finish and save.

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OnSite Time tracker released a new version with an option to export your time entries in a pdf format.  This is an ideal format for invoicing because, unlike a spreadsheet, the recipient can’t alter the information.

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Will OnSite Time Tracker location feature work for me?

The automatic location features run on iPhone 4 and higher. Currently that includes iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, but not iPhone 3 models. The automatic location tracking also runs on some ipods and ipads.  

You must enable the location permission in order to use the automatic location feature.

The automatic location feature runs best when it you have wifi enabled on your phone.

OnSite uses the same feature (region monitoring) that is used in the Apple “Reminders” application.  Using the reminder app is a good indication of what you can expect from using OnSite Time Tracker. It seems to work poorly in some very remote areas.