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The latest release of OnSite time tracker includes a calendar view. The calendar view shows the

  • hours from each day
  • total hours for the day
  • total hours for week
  • total hours for month

This is a great way to review your time before submitting an invoice.

3 Responses to “OnSite adds Calendar View”

  1. Mark Brude Heating & Air Conditioning

    Calendar view would be nice if I didn’t have to go to each job to see when I worked. The job history shows me that.
    I make between 1-10 service calls a day and I have 75 customers and job sites on location
    The calendar view should be for all the jobs visited in the month. If I want to know when for just one customer, it’s already in the job history.
    I would like one calendar to show all the jobs and times each day of the month, just like your day timer would show.
    Also, the location tracking seems to be off a little, you need smaller then 50 meters radius,
    10 meters would be better.
    Your app has had me checked into 5 jobs at once from auto location start.

  2. andrewt

    Mark, thanks for your feedback. Listing all the jobs together is a common request. You can currently add all the jobs to an export and views them together in a spread sheet, but I am considering some changes like what you are describing. The range is another thing we are looking into. The limiting factor is the accuracy of the device.

  3. Mark Brude Heating & Air Conditioning

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the reply. I want you to know I really do like your app and I rely on it heavily
    I have severe daily short term memory loss due to an illness so you could Imagine how helpful your App is to me while I run around all day doing service calls.
    When I export the jobs, I do it by PDF to my Evernote account, but the lists are still grouped by job name, not date with the time spent at each job. That option would be great and meet my needs if the calendar view with all the jobs and times is not possible. I don’t know what’s possible, but your doing a good job trying to keep your customers happy. I search apps daily trying to find things to help me fight this memory loss problem and have tried so many apps because most have something I can use but never everything I need, your close, Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next update.
    Mark Brude’

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