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I created OnSite Time tracker about a year ago. It is a location aware time tracking app designed for contractors to track and bill for their time. Over the course of the last year I have heard some unconventional uses. Here are a few:

Some people use OnSite for personal improvement.
-time at the gym.
-time at places they don’t want to go to, like bars.

Some track time at work even if they are not contractors. One person suggested calling the app “Prison Guard” because she argues with her boss frequently about her hours.
-time on lunch break at work
-time spent away from office running errands. (to be able to goof off as much as possible)

Some people use it as evidence in petty arguments with their close friends and family.
-time spent at home to prove to wife that he does spend a lot of time at home.
-time spent at hospital with mother, to prove that she spent a lot of time there.

What is a strange way you have used OnSite?

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