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If you need to make a note about a day you didn’t work, like vacation, holiday or sick day, leave an entry that starts and ends at 12:00am.  It won’t add time to your bill but is a helpful reminder why you didn’t work.

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Apple made changes in iOS 7 that affect OnSite.

1) When you restart your phone, you must open OnSite to start location tracking.  This includes the restart that is part of upgrading iOS.

2) To maintain location tracking, don’t kill the app.  You can verify OnSite is running by double clicking the home button and swiping through your running apps.

3) Verify OnSite has permission to run in background.  Got to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.  You should see OnSite in the list of apps with the switch set to green.

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There is a new version of OnSite Time Tracker that has custom sound for notifications when you check in and out automatically.  This will help make it easy to distinguish the sound from a text message.

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The latest release of OnSite time tracker includes a calendar view. The calendar view shows the

  • hours from each day
  • total hours for the day
  • total hours for week
  • total hours for month

This is a great way to review your time before submitting an invoice.